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Monday October 23, 2017

Main Session 1: Brad Dacus-Pacific Justice Institute | MP3 Download
Workshop: Recording Chain/ Sound Noise (Josh Brown His Productions) | MP3 Download
Workshop: Getting More of Station Playlist (Kevin Abraham) | MP3 Download
Main Session 2: Finding the Funding (Thom Keller) | MP3 Download
Night Session 1: David Guzik | MP3 Download

Tuesday October 24, 2017

Main Session 2: Legal Update (Matthew McCormick & Kathleen Victory) | MP3 Download
Workshop: Legal Update Part 2 | MP3 Download
Main Session 3: Programs on your station (Ron Dozler) | MP3 Download
Main Session 4: Translator Reception Solutions
(John Sims & Ben Barber CEO of Inovonics) | MP3 Download
Workshop: Protecting your Coverage (Bob Moore) | MP3 Download
Night Session 2: David Guzik | MP3 Download

Wednesday October 25, 2017

Main Session 5: Excellence in Broadcasting (Matt White-Carol Eskaros) | MP3 Download
Main Session 6: Simple Engineering (Eric Kruzel) | MP3 Download
Main Session 7: Using Social Media (Joey Alcala) | MP3 Download