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2016 Radio Conference Video Available Here

2015 Radio Conference Audio

Audio MP3 ( to download mp3, right click and “save link as”)

The New Guys: Rob Mahovich, Clarke Lauffer, Ron Dozler  MP3 Download

Bob Moore- Engineering MP3 Download

Experiences from the Old Hams: Bill Luebkemann, John Bracken, Scott Paulette,  MP3 Download

Sandy Adams: The Keys MP3 Download

Harry Martin: Legal 1 MP3 Download

Harry Martin: Legal 2 MP3 Download

Josh Brown: Promo Creation MP3 Download

Q & A Panel: Bill Luebkemann, John Bracken, Scott Paulette MP3 Download

Using your App: Bill Luebkemann MP3 Download

Miracles in Radio: George Small MP3 Download

Sandy Adams: Job MP3 Download

Craig Russ: IHeart Radio MP3 Download

John Bracken: Live Shows MP3 Download

Gayle Erwin: Servant MP3 Download